Being online can make us feel different things – hopefully most of your time online is positive but there are things that might make us feel bad. You might feel pressured into behaving a different way online to please your friends, or you might see other people online doing or saying things to suggest their lives are perfect. Remember that people are not always truthful online; they can choose what they share about their lives, and so they often share the best bits rather than the bits that go wrong.

For some people, the internet can lead to unhealthy behaviours such as spending too much time online, or needing to use things online in order to feel good about themselves. It can also lead to some people spending too much money or to problems with their friendships or relationships with other people.

If using the internet is making you feel worse rather than better, then something is not right. Always talk to a trusted adult (or even a friend) so you can figure out a way of changing your internet use to make you feel better again.