Module 4 L'École des Réseaux Sociaux
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What (not) to share or buy?

Module 4


This module aims to educate children about how personal information is used commercially and the importance of respecting copyright laws online. It explores the ways in which people can make money online, and the risks associated with both purchasing content and attempting to acquire paid content for free. It covers questions such as:
• What is my personal information used for online?
• Who owns the things available online?

It encourages children to understand that their personal information has value and is used commercially to drive advertising and other directed services. They will learn why copyright is important and how to respect it online.

Freddy L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

What do I need to know about...

Personal data collection and use by companies?
Managing data collection?
Respecting copyright online?
How people make money online?
In-app purchases and loot boxes?
Illegal downloading?

Activity ideas

What are you worth?
Getting a good deal?
OK or not OK?