Module 3 L'École des Réseaux Sociaux
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What kind of content is out there?

Module 3


This module aims to educate children about the types of content they can find online and how this may negatively affect them. It covers questions such as:
• Is everything on the internet for children?
• How can I avoid things online that I don’t want to see/hear?
• What information can I trust online?
• How can I get trustworthy information?

It encourages children to be aware that there is content online aimed at different age groups and that some online content can be distressing. It also allows them to consider the trustworthiness of online content and strategies to find trustworthy information.

Harry L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

What do I need to know about...

Age appropriate content?
Age restrictions on social networks?
Content that may distress?
Content that promotes hurtful/harmful belief and behaviour?
Filtering, monitoring and parental controls?
Misinformation, fake news and deep fakes?
Fact checking online content?

Activity ideas

My online action plan
What do you recommend?
My perfect Social network
Fake news?