Module 2 L'École des Réseaux Sociaux
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What kind of behaviour to expect?

Module 2


This module aims to educate children about the impact of their behaviour online and what to expect from others. It covers questions such as:
• What do I need to know about online bullying?
• What online behaviours are not okay?
• What is healthy internet/technology use?
• Is it okay to spend money online?

It encourages them to understand online bullying, recognise other risky and harmful behaviours and identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy use of the internet and technology.

Mandarina L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

What do I need to know about...

The internet and wellbeing?
Healthy relationships with technology?
Positive online behaviours?
Inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour?
Online bullying?

Activity ideas

A healthy balance?
A healthier me
Positive online pledges
Flip the negatives