Privacy settings?

Personal Data Many social networking services and messenger apps include settings to control a user’s privacy. These settings can take a number of different forms and can be used to restrict contact from other users on the service (such as who can be added as a friend/follower, who can post comments underneath another user’s posts), […]

Managing data collection?

Personal Data Some online services offer settings for controlling the data that is collected about you. Many offer you the ability to download any data that the service has collected about you, including browsing and search history, location logs and use of any apps linked to that service. Some services will allow you to toggle […]

Personal data collection and use by companies?

Personal Data Data drives the internet, and personal data is a part of that. A user’s personal data may be collected by apps, online services and devices they use. This data can take a number of different forms, from personal details that a user gives about themselves in order to sign up to an online […]

Age restrictions on social networks?

Personal Data Social networks have a minimum age for use and this is specified in the network’s terms and conditions or terms of service. Creating an account to join the network indicates acceptance of these terms. The minimum age for most networks is set at 13-years-old, though some networks will give a minimum age of […]

Sharing personal data with others?

Personal Data Personal data is any information about you that may help to identify who you are. Examples of personal data include your name, your date of birth, home address, your usernames and passwords. Other data may be collected by an app or device such as the time you spend online or the location from […]

Online identity?

Reputation and Identity Personal Data Games, apps and social media offer both children and adults freedom to present and express themselves in different ways online. A child may present themselves differently on different online services. For example, on some games and apps they may represent themselves with an avatar or character. This avatar may resemble […]