Age appropriate content?

Health and Well-being There is a wealth of content and services online that have been designed for children, and many of the more popular entertainment services may offer categories of content (such as TV shows and movies) specifically for children. Some services even offer specific versions of their app for children. It is important to […]

Healthy relationships with technology?

Health and Well-being A beneficial relationship with technology is one where there is a healthy balance between technology use (online or offline) and other hobbies, interests and activities (including exercise). For each child this balance may be different depending on their use of technology and the internet. The amount of screen time a child has […]

The internet and wellbeing?

Health and Well-being Being online and using social networks can offer many opportunities for children; to explore, learn, express themselves, develop their identity, build relationships and give and receive support from others. However, using social networks has also been linked with potential risks to well-being such as anxiety, depression, issues with sleep, issues around body […]