Everyone uses the internet and devices in different ways so you might spend more time on some activities than on others. How much time you spend online isn’t as important as the benefits of what you do online. Activities that help you learn new skills and use your brain are better than passive activities – activities where you just sit and watch something. It is important to have a healthy balance of activities online.

Healthy technology use doesn’t harm your body or your brain. If you get headaches, tired eyes, other pains or a bad mood after using a device, that is your body’s way of telling you that your tech use might be unhealthy.

Using technology close to your bedtime can affect your sleep. Try to switch off an hour before you go to bed so your brain can calm down before you sleep.

A healthy approach to using technology is one where the things you do are enjoyable and fun. Try to balance your time so you can also enjoy offline activities and hobbies (including exercise). Don’t forget to take regular breaks. You might want to set yourself a time limit for doing something online, or you can ask an adult to help set a time limit and remind you.