• Everyone has part to play when it comes to online and device security. It is often the case that the greatest vulnerability in a network is that of human error. Everyone makes mistakes, but taking time to work together with others to create strong passwords, secure devices and agree which online activities should or shouldn’t take place on a network is really important.
  • Effective online and technology security (both in and out of the home) relies on routine and consistency. Encouraging others to get into good habits around updating devices and running scans can help spot problems before they occur. 
  • Children and adults can bring different skills and knowledge to online and technology security. A child may be more knowledgeable on where to find different settings or features on a device, whereas an adult may better understand the impact and importance of those security settings.
  • Encourage all members of your family to set strong passwords on all accounts and devices. Discuss with your family how you will keep track of all the different passwords used – will you use a password manager or another system? Who will be responsible for it?
  • You should also encourage all family members to use screen locks on mobile devices and to lock computers when they step away from them. This can prevent unauthorised access by others, especially if a device becomes lost or stolen.
  • You may wish to consider creating a family agreement for how to keep your family’s accounts and devices secure. This could include agreeing how often to run antivirus/malware scans or what security steps to always take when creating a new account or using a new device. It could also include making different family members the ‘expert’ for different areas – you make your child the ‘expert’ for coming up with strong passwords!
  • Encourage your child to recognise that they can teach and help their family and friends to practice better online and technology security. This could involve showing grandparents how to find security or privacy settings or social media.