Encouraging good online and technology security?

Positive and Proactive Behaviours Everyone has part to play when it comes to online and device security. It is often the case that the greatest vulnerability in a network is that of human error. Everyone makes mistakes, but taking time to work together with others to create strong passwords, secure devices and agree which online […]

Protecting devices?

Privacy and Security Many devices allow synchronisation of files between the storage on the device and online storage (often referred to as ‘the cloud’) linked to an online account. This means that Important personal data, photos and other content might be stored both online and also locally on a device. Devices with out of date […]

Passwords and account security?

Privacy and Security Using strong passwords is a key way to protect online accounts. Most sites and services will request that any password used should be at least 8 characters long. Some services will also request that passwords contain at least one uppercase letter, number or special character (characters such as ‘?’, ‘%’ and ‘@’). […]


Potentially Hurtful and Harmful Malware is malicious software (such as viruses and trojans) that can be unknowingly downloaded by visiting fake websites or installing fake apps from an app store (malware disguised as a popular game or app).  Downloading and installing software from unofficial sources (such as third party app stores) can increase the risk […]

Phishing and scams?

Potentially Hurtful and Harmful The purpose of scams and malware is to trick people into handing over personal data, money or property or to steal it without their knowledge. With internet use rising year on year, online fraud and identity theft are forms of cybercrime that continue to grow. They can take a variety of […]

Privacy settings?

Personal Data Many social networking services and messenger apps include settings to control a user’s privacy. These settings can take a number of different forms and can be used to restrict contact from other users on the service (such as who can be added as a friend/follower, who can post comments underneath another user’s posts), […]