Fact checking online content?

Positive and Proactive Behaviours There are websites dedicated to fact checking news, stories and rumours that have been shared online, as well as claims made by politicians, organisations and celebrities. These websites help explain whether or claim/story is accurate, misleading or false. They also explain the reasons why this is the case, and link to […]

Misinformation, fake news and deep fakes?

Trust and Critical Reasoning The internet, particularly social networks, offer many people around the world the freedom to express their views and opinions. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these views are valid or acceptable. While many people are entitled to express themselves online, there are always some who receive more attention than others – […]

Filtering, monitoring and parental controls?

Positive and Proactive Behaviours Filtering software allows you to control which types of websites, content and services can be accessed on your internet connection. It can be used to block access to sites that contain content such as adult content, gambling, drugs and depictions of death. Filtering software can be installed on each device required […]

Content that promotes hurtful/harmful belief and behaviour?

Potentially Hurtful and Harmful While not always upsetting or illegal, there is content online that may promote beliefs that could lead to hurt or harm, either for a child or for other groups or individuals. Examples of content promoting hurtful/harmful beliefs include hate speech, discrimination and extreme views/ideologies. These may be expressed as opinions on […]

Content that may distress?

Potentially Hurtful and Harmful As social networks and other online services cater for a wide range of audiences, ages and communities around the world, it is always likely that content will appear online that may upset others. What people find upsetting or offensive can vary greatly but there are some common types of content that […]

Age restrictions on social networks?

Personal Data Social networks have a minimum age for use and this is specified in the network’s terms and conditions or terms of service. Creating an account to join the network indicates acceptance of these terms. The minimum age for most networks is set at 13-years-old, though some networks will give a minimum age of […]

Age appropriate content?

Health and Well-being There is a wealth of content and services online that have been designed for children, and many of the more popular entertainment services may offer categories of content (such as TV shows and movies) specifically for children. Some services even offer specific versions of their app for children. It is important to […]