Can I control who can collect my information?

Freddy L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Positive and Proactive Behaviours Companies must ask your permission to collect your information. They often do this when you make an account or first visit a website. Companies cannot collect the personal information of children without their parent/carer’s permission. This is why games and apps that are just for children will ask for your parent/carer’s […]

Why do I see adverts online?

Harry L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Commercialism Many of the games and apps we use are free – the company makes money by showing adverts – the advertisers pay the company for letting them show their advert. The adverts you see may change depending on the information that is collected about you, for example your age or the kind of information […]

Who collects my personal information and why?

Freddy L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Personal Data The websites, games and apps you use online all collect information about you. This can include the device you are using, your internet address and your location. If you have an account then it will collect your personal information, including the things you do on the service. Your internet service provider may also […]