What can I do if I am worried about my internet/technology use?

Mandarina L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Positive and Proactive Behaviours If you are worried about how using the internet makes you feel, then talking to someone is always a good idea. Telling a trusted adult and making plans together is a positive way to solve the problem. You might also want to talk to a friend; they might have some good […]

Will the internet have an impact on how I feel?

Charlie L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Health and Well-being Being online can make us feel different things – hopefully most of your time online is positive but there are things that might make us feel bad. You might feel pressured into behaving a different way online to please your friends, or you might see other people online doing or saying things […]

How can I tell if I am using digital technology in a healthy way?

Ms Brocoli L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Health and Well-being Everyone uses the internet and devices in different ways so you might spend more time on some activities than on others. How much time you spend online isn’t as important as the benefits of what you do online. Activities that help you learn new skills and use your brain are better than […]