Can I delete my online data?

Cyclops L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Personal Data There are laws that protect your personal information and give you the right to have it removed from the internet. One way to do this is to shut down and delete an online account when you don’t need it anymore. Asking companies to delete the information they have about you can be very […]

Should I enter online competitions?

Dinny L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Trust and Critical Reasoning There are lots of opportunities to enter competitions and win things online. These competitions will need to collect some personal information about you, and may even ask you to pay to enter them. Some criminals create fake competitions to trick people into entering and giving away their personal information. If you […]

What are cookies and should I accept them?

Mandarina L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Personal Data Cookies are small files that websites make when you visit them. They are used to help you use the website – they can help remember what you did on the site or what you added to a shopping basket. A website may ask to collect different types of cookies – some types collect […]

What are privacy settings?

Ms Brocoli L'École des Réseaux Sociaux

Privacy and Security These are settings you can use on social media and games to control who can be your friend, who can see your information and who can chat to you. For new accounts on some apps these are automatically set to be more public than private. These settings can sometimes be complicated so […]